What is the fee Pension Advisory Services, L.L.C charges?
We try to be flexible with how we charge.  We can charge hourly ($125/hour), or charge on a project basis. We do have certain discounts available.  
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I am interested in finding out more about the retirement/benefit training classes you offer to Federal Agencies? We would like to increase our “Financial Literacy” program at our agency.
Please see  Pension Advisory Services, L.L.C (Capability Statement).  We have given training for many agencies in the country and have a complete understanding of the CSRS/FERS retirement System. We have been registered as a government contractor since 2004. If you are interested in receiving some referrals please feel free to Contact us.

Do you provide financial planning for federal employees?
Pension Advisory Services, L.L.C offer benefit training and counseling on an hourly, fee-only, and/or project basis.

Can you help me with the TSP and how to manage it?
We can discuss all of the options with the TSP. What someone should do with the TSP varies from client to client. It is crucial to work with someone who has experience dealing with the Thrift Savings Plan. Many changes are coming to the TSP in the future, and will open up many planning opportunities to do some creative things.

How can my spouse participate?
Many retirement decisions require “spousal consent.” We always offer a phone meeting with the spouse or significant other in attendance.

Who can benefit the most from your services?
Federal employees and their families. We offer consultations, a review of benefits, second opinions, insurance consultations/review, as well as hourly, fee-only FERS planning.

Do you sell financial products like annuities or life insurance?
No. We are strictly a consulting firm. Being insurance counselors we fully understand how these products work, but we do not sell them.

How can I get started?
The first step is an initial inquiry from you. We offer an initial no-cost, no obligation Get Acquainted Meeting, with on the phone or in our office. Contact Us Today!

What type of software do you use to calculate our benefits and why is this important?
We use the same software OPM uses to calculate benefit reports.  We use the actual software which contains all of the retirement types, health codes, and the actual retirement paperwork.  This is very helpful to both benefit trainers and employees, especially when decisions are need to be made close to the retirement date.

Do you offer training on the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program™ (FLTCIP)?
Yes. We are contracted with the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program™ (FLTCIP). We provide 45 minute presentations on long-term care insurance for federal employees, military bases. These are at no cost to the agency.  Contact Us Today!